Thursday, April 19, 2007

Wikis and Webquests

I always wondered why W&M was pushing for us to create an online portfolio. It is so inconvenient to make and it's almost like learning another language. However, today it hit me when i was talking to my CT. I was planning the math lesson for next week and she asked me if she could look at my lesson plan to review it and make sure it fit into her curriculum. I told her that the lesson plan is saved on my computer and that I didn't have access to it now. I was in the process of making another appointment with her when it hit me that I had uploaded it onto my wiki. I pulled up the wiki and my lesson was there! We were able to look at it right then and there. It felt really cool to have my stuff on the web and I didn't even have to e-mail it to myself or print it out. Now I understand a little better how an online portfolio could come in great handy!
After yesterday's tech class, I really want to create a webquest for my tech project (I had no idea I could do this). She introduced a website called QuestGarden where I could make my own webquest. I'm going to look over it and hopefully, it won't be too hard for me to do. I really am fascinated with webquests for some reason so I hope i can be creative and think of something for this project!

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Anne said...

Wow! The light bulbs are flashing for you! Having your creations available so quickly is truly great! I can remember the days of packing numerous items and double-checking myself over and over. You're getting it!

I love webquests. Here is one I created at QuestGarden on "Blogging: It's Elementary!"

I can't wait to see the one you create. What are you thinking of for the topic?

Good post! Keep up the good blogging!

Anne Davis